Join Some Clubs

Barry the Study Dog enjoys being mentored by the more experienced members of Hiking Club.

I f you haven’t joined two or three clubs in college, make it your New Year’s Resolution to do so.

Join one that’s all about your favorite thing, and join another one that’s about something you’ve heard of that sounds cool but that you don’t know much about. If you want to join a third club, make it one that deals with a potential career interest.

Club meetings tend to happen on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights from 8-10pm, so figure that into your Weekly Schedule.

The best thing about clubs is that they’re a microcosm of college: no matter what weird, fringe activity you’re into, there are dozens of people who know way more about it than you because they’ve been into it for way longer, possibly for multiple generations.

Clubs are also great for making friends, getting out of your dorm room or apartment, and forcing yourself to finish your schoolwork before dinner.

Long-term and bigger-picture, they can help you learn that there are many things in the world that you didn’t know you didn’t know, improve your teamwork skills, and develop relationships with people who know people who are in a position to help you pursue your greatest interests.

Your experience in a club can change drastically from year to year as the club’s leadership changes, so don’t be afraid to quit your current clubs for new ones or volunteer for a leadership position in a club that could use your skills. The best way to become an officer in your favorite club is to be really helpful to the current officers.

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