This Book Will Not Be on the Test: The Study Skills Revolution is coming March 2019 from Rowman & Littlefield! This Book… helps students make the most of their college investment by solving their academic, motivational, and career concerns with study skills. Click here to pre-order your copy today!


See Who Already Loves It

“As college costs continue to soar, it’s become even more important to get the most out of your time on campus. You can get on top of schoolwork, participate in rewarding extracurriculars, and prepare yourself for an exciting post-college life by following the steps in this smart, practical book.”

  • Daniel H. Pink, Author of When and Drive


“Paul Rivas has a gift for understanding what it takes to unlock a young person’s academic potential. In this book is his invaluable guidance, for every type learner: something every college-bound student, and their parents, should read.”

  • Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour


“A tremendous, on-the-ground application of the science of learning that entertains and inspires.”

  • Ulrich Boser, Author of Learn Better


“Paul Rivas takes research about how people learn and translates it into effective practices that students can implement and use to succeed in their classes.”

  • Stephen L. Chew, Samford University Psychology Professor and Chair


“Every kid who wants to be a highly successful college athlete should read This Book…

  • Ryan Spilborghs, former Major League Baseball player


This Book… is exactly what international students need to thrive in American universities.”

  • Nomvula Mbambo, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls ’12, Brown University ’17


“Life lasts a lot longer than football. NFL hopefuls with superior study skills have more time to work on their game in the short term and more time to develop life skills for the long term.”

  • Jamall Broussard, former NFL player


“Building good time management habits when it comes to your schoolwork and sport leads to accountability, which determines who can and cannot get it done when it’s time to perform!”

  • Orlando Johnson, former NBA player


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Learn What It Can Do for You

The problem is that colleges are not transparent about their students’ academic lives, so families don’t know what their students should experience or accomplish in college.

  • This Book… is part college insider tell-all memoir and part study skills manual. It’s brutally honest, relatable, and entirely free of jargon.
  • This Book… alerts parents to a huge problem in American education today – that high school doesn’t prepare students to thrive in college – and offers explicit study skills solutions for the academic, financial, and mental health problems caused by this unfortunate reality.
  • This Book… helps students, parents, teachers, and administrators have more rewarding experiences in schools, to the great benefit of themselves and their school communities.
  • This Book… shows students how to learn more and earn better grades in less time so that they can make the most of their college investment. It shows parents what they can expect from their kids’ college experiences. It shows administrators what the schoolwork is really like at the level below or above their current professional context.
  • This Book… will save every family money and even save a few students’ lives. Every parent will recognize their college-bound children in several of the chapters.

Coming soon from Rowman & Littlefield!


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