Adjust Your Pace for Summer

Barry the Study Dog goes hard all year but takes more deliberate breaks in summer.

W hen you adjust to the weather and the mosquitoes this summer, remember to adjust your pace for the new academic season.

Summer is a great time to get ahead on whatever you’ve been behind on, quit doing whatever you’re sick of, and prioritize enough free time to accidentally discover more cool stuff to do. It’s also the perfect time to do things that you can only do in summer.

If you’ve had a relatively light school year and are about to enter an intensive summer program, you’re gonna have to up your work rate a bit in order to remain comfortable with your workload.

But if you’ve been grinding away lo these nine months, you might need to take a couple months to slow down a bit and plan more unplanned periods into your daily or weekly routine.

If you spent the last school year hyperfocused on a certain activity or goal, is now the time to diversify your activities, or super-hyperfocus?

If you were too busy to commit a satisfying number of hours to your favorite things this past school year, when are you ever going to do it if not this summer?

Your current college or grad school experience will be over before you know it. Make the most of your summers before the real world snatches them from you!

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