Study Skills and Academic Coaching

A t SMITH RIVAS, we teach study skills and time management that help students earn better grades in less time. We specialize in students whose grades don’t reflect how smart they are, athletes, and STEM superstars.


Our mission is to motivate students to do more than they think is possible, teach them how to accomplish it, and push them to achieve their greatest goals.


  • Remember when my son took your one-hour group class in 8th grade? Well, he's in his 4th year at Cornell, and he still remembers when the best time is for studying!

    Tracey Weisler
    Tracey Weisler Stanford professor
  • D1 baseball is a grind. SMITH RIVAS gave me the study skills and confidence I needed to excel in college, which helped me achieve my dream of being a big-leaguer.

    Shane Bieber
    Shane Bieber MLB All-Star Game MVP
  • We can't begin to explain the gratitude we feel towards you. We dearly appreciate all that you have shared with us throughout these six months, as you have played a significant role in not only helping us adapt to American culture, but also in showing us how we can make the most of our college years. Your words of wisdom will always be with us.

    The Veloz Fellows
    The Veloz Fellows Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls
  • Thank you very much for giving James your time and helping him think smart and build good habits at a critical time in his life. I can still see the impact of your work with him many years ago, and the results have been amazing!

    Danielle Donovan
    Danielle Donovan Mother of a Columbia student
  • SMITH RIVAS taught me the study skills and time management I needed to take my college academics to the next level, allowing me to devote maximum time and energy to becoming a professional basketball player.

    Alan Williams
    Alan Williams NBA Veteran
  • Thank you for teaching Emilie such important study skills in a fun, engaging way last summer. I just wanted to reaffirm how much she got out of those sessions with you. And we've still got one more year of high school to go!

    Maria Wallis
    Maria Wallis Mother of a TCU Founders Scholar
  • Thank you, on many levels, for your work with my son. I think an objective, firm coach was just what the doctor ordered. You helped tremendously in bringing back his moxie, drive, and results. I greatly appreciate that from both an academic and life standpoint.

    J.D. Mother of a Georgetown freshman