Reflect on Your School Year

Barry the Study Dog loves reflecting on how far he’s progressed since the last time he stopped to think about it.

W hether you’re a student, parent, teacher, administrator, psychologist, tutor, educational consultant or mascot, now is a great time to stop and reflect on all the ways you’ve progressed this academic year.

Which things did you do way better this year? What great ideas did you get for ways to do things even better next year?

Who did you help? What new things did you learn by asking for help?

What’d you work really hard on? Which stuff did you put too much work into?

Who’d you meet that you expect to know for a long time? What’d you learn that you think you’ll remember forever?

Now, think big and think long-term: what amazing accomplishment do you want to reflect on next year?

How can you make it even better by incorporating the lessons you learned this year?

What are you waiting for?! You already know what to do!!!

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