Reflect on Your School Year

hether you’re a student, parent, teacher, administrator, psychologist, tutor, educational consultant or mascot, now is a great time to stop and reflect on all the ways you’ve progressed this [...]

Get Ready for Finals

f you’re a regular reader of this blog then you don’t need to study for finals because you’ve been practicing great study skills all school year long and thoroughly mastered the material on which [...]

Learn a Foreign Language

here’s not much point in studying a foreign language unless you want to master that language. English is the global lingua franca, so it’s fair to assume that unless you really throw yourself [...]

Make Time for Friends

f, like Barry the Study Dog, you have the tendency to get so caught up in your own adventures that you accidentally neglect hanging out with your friends, this is a great time of year to make [...]

Do Something, Anything

ome days you just don’t feel like doing anything. Maybe it’s too cold outside, or too cozy inside, or you have a headache, or you just don’t have enough energy to do the next thing you’re [...]

Read for Fun at Night

he fastest way to get smarter is to move to another country. The second-fastest way is to read for fun, preferably challenging fiction; even more preferably, challenging fiction in a second [...]

Ask for Help

he first term is about halfway over, meaning now is a great time to start asking for help if you haven’t been doing so already. To quote a former student of mine who was really good about [...]

Go Full Speed in Fall

here’s no such thing as an academic comeback. There’s being half a step ahead of your competition – which is school itself – and there’s losing in a blowout. At this point in the school year, if [...]

Do Your Own Thing

his school year, keep it real! Decide what you want to accomplish, use your study skills to do it efficiently, and hang out with your friends more during the extra free time you have because you [...]

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