Study Skills for Teens

“Study Skills for Teens: How to Help Your Students Learn Efficiently” was recorded live at George Mason High School on April 9, 2019.

O rganizations that want their students to feel less stressed or more motivated, want their parents to do less nagging, or want their staff to feel more empowered often request that we come give a talk on study skills.

The questions that come up most are: Why bother learning stuff, why not just get good grades?, How do people actually learn?, How does learning get you better grades in less time?, and Where’s Barry the Study Dog?

For example, here’s an 81-minute video of me presenting Study Skills for Teens: How to Help Your Students Learn Efficiently to address those very topics for Falls Church City Public Schools recently.

Could your group, office, school, or team use a fun talk full of practical tips on how to learn more and get better grades in less time? Get in touch today!

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