Clear Your Head So You Can Chill

Barry the Study Dog can’t enjoy the beach until he’s thanked everyone who helped him have a great year.

B arry the Study Dog has such great study skills that he’s been chilling hard at the beach for a week already, but what about you?

Even if you aced your finals, you probably have a nagging feeling that there are a few people you should thank before you go chill for the summer with a clear conscience, so that you don’t feel indebted to the universe.

Start by thanking your instructors for all their hard work this term, even if your school year’s been over for three weeks. This will make both of you feel good, but especially them because teachers never expect to be thanked. Telling them that you’re glad you learned all that cool stuff will show them that you really were paying attention – even during the moments when it looked like you’d rather be at the beach – and inspire them to help you in ways you haven’t anticipated.

Then consider thanking everyone whose company you enjoyed this year, or at least wishing them a great summer. You never know who might really appreciate it, or what cool thing they’d been wanting to tell you about, or how that idea could make you a better version of yourself someday.

Most importantly, thank your mentors and update them on your progress, especially if you haven’t seen them lately. You don’t want them to die before you have a better reason to talk to them, which happens more than you’d think.

Try it and see how much more relaxing the sand feels between your toes.

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