Get Ready for Finals

Barry the Study Dog breaks up his final exam preparation into a series of manageable steps.

I f you’re a regular reader of this blog then you don’t need to study for finals because you’ve been practicing great study skills all school year long and thoroughly mastered the material on which you’ll be tested.

You’re probably reading this right before the trailers start at the movies by yourself while your friends bang their heads against their chemistry books at CoffeeBucks from 8pm-2am.

But if you’re a new reader who only just discovered study skills, this is how you should prepare for finals:

Print this To-Do List and list all the stuff you have to do to be super-ready for each final. There may be several items per class. Now estimate how long each item is going to take.

(By the way, if you don’t know what you should be doing to get super-ready for each final, you need my online study skills course ASAP. Start with the lessons on how to make study guides!!!)

Look over your list, think again about how long each task is really going to take, update your estimates, and assign yourself a day and time to do each task.

Cross off anything that you know you’re not going to have time to do a good job on, get to work on your first task, and remember to record how it turned out so that you can update your remaining plans if necessary.

Right before you take each final, think about how much of the preparation that you just did for that class would have been easier if you’d spread it out over weekend mornings throughout the semester.

Spoiler alert: almost all of it.

When you review each class every weekend and update your homemade study guides as you go along, you never have to study for finals!

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