Do Your Own Thing

Barry the Study Dog doesn’t hesistate to do his own thing, and neither should you.

Study Skills Series: The first Monday of every month, we give timely, practical, and original study skills advice. Timely means it’s especially useful during that month of the school year. Practical means it’s easy to act on. Original means we wrote it ourselves and you can only get it here.

T his school year, keep it real!

Decide what you want to accomplish, use your study skills to do it efficiently, and hang out with your friends more during the extra free time you have because you get better grades in less time.

If your friends play FortCraft at 11am on weekend mornings, spend that time reviewing everything you did that week in each of your classes and making a study guide as you go along, so that you never have to study the night before a test. They’ll still be playing when you’re done.

If your classmates study at CoffeeBucks the night before the test but you don’t have to study, spend that time reading for fun, cleaning your house, or writing in your journal. Nobody can help you do those things, so if you don’t do them when your friends are occupied, when will you ever do them? Your friends’ll still be studying when you’re done.

If the party starts at 8pm, go exercise for an hour, make yourself a nicer dinner than you usually have time to prepare, and show up at 10:30. People will still be happy to see you.

School’s great, but it’s better when it doesn’t keep you from pursuing your greatest goals and becoming your awesomest self.

If you’re pumped, go do it!

If you still need more convincing that it’s okay to want to do cool stuff, here are some ideas about how to keep it even realer with your reviewing and your time management.

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