ADHD Monitoring System

Does making a flock of paper cranes during a study skills lesson count as paying attention?

W hether your family is using medication, meditation, mediation, or any other -ations to treat your kid’s ADHD, monitoring how that treatment is going will help you get better results sooner.

If knowledge is power, more data is good. Just as students can use this great four-column To-Do List to figure out how to do schoolwork more efficiently, you can use the ADHD Monitoring System by David Rabiner, Ph.D., of Duke University to keep track of how the treatment is affecting your kid’s school life.

Don’t be intimidated by the five pages of instructions: the system itself is only two pages, and you can choose from weekly or monthly monitoring. The document is geared toward parents, but older students and adults with ADHD may find it useful for thinking about what to look for when self-monitoring.

You may need to convince your child’s school administrators to require teachers to complete the evaluation form regularly, but if you need help with that there are people who specialize in obligating schools to follow the law.

It’s not the end of the world if the treatments you’re using for ADHD don’t work because you can always change them, but it matters hugely that you know if they’re working, so that you can adjust them and achieve the desired results sooner rather than later.

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