Online Study Skills Course

Watch the webinar to learn all about the online study skills course Better Grades in Less Time®

I f you need better grades, more free time, or less stress but struggle with motivation, planning, and execution, then you need Better Grades in Less Time, the online study skills course.

Study skills are the same as job skills and life skills!

If you’re committed to improving your study skills, then I’m here to help you do it. Here’s what the course includes:

  • 40 video lessons
  • 36-page Study Skills Handbook
  • Built-in accountability with the Study Skills Friend Agreement
  • ~8 hours of guided study skills work
  • Generous referral program that gives you $100 every time your friends purchase the course at $100 off

I created this affordable online version of my signature study skills course because I’m serious about helping people who want to be helped.

Now you can get study skills help immediately – without having to wait for openings in my schedule – and progress at your own pace.

Watch the course webinar to learn more about the value of study skills and how the online course works!

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