When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

The fact that Dan Pink is so generous with his time is proof that he’s figured out when to do stuff and when to chill.

T here are two reasons to read, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, by Daniel Pink: one is that you want to work more efficiently, and the other is that you’re curious to know where – or when – you’re going wrong but don’t want to commit to changing your ways.

You may know Pink as the presenter of one of the most-watched TED talks ever, The Puzzle of Motivation.

Or perhaps you know him as a leading supporter of This Book Will Not Be on the Test.

Either way, you’ll enjoy When and should read it ASAP.

Like a lot of the recommended books here on The Study Skills Revolution blog, I like this book because it promotes concepts I’ve been teaching for years. Read it for ideas on how to figure out when you work best, when to take breaks, how to anticipate what could go wrong, how to stay hungry, and why you should keep track of how things went.

If you already read Thinking, Fast and Slow then you might know some of this stuff already, but if you read Make it Stick then you also know that you could stand to review the concepts.

My favorite part is the explanation of why there are always Hanukkah candles left over in the box. I went to Unitarian Universalist Sunday school for 12 years and never learned that!

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