NASCAR Hopeful Rajah Caruth

Rajah Caruth is the first member of the NASCAR Drive for Diversity team with a background in iRacing instead of traditional race cars.

Rajah spent his first week as a high school graduate organizing the George Floyd 100, an iRacing event to raise money for the George Floyd Memorial Fund and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Here’s a short clip of him racing in the George Floyd 100 while stuck at home in DC.

Rajah is a two-year member of the NASCAR Drive for Diversity team, and  sponsored by Rev Racing and Richmond Raceway eSports. He races real race cars now, but he got started on the simulator iRacing, which basically looks like the most realistic video game ever.

In the past year, Rajah has made about a million media appearances. If you looked at his tweets you’d wonder whether he ever went to school, which is exactly why we want you to hear what he has to say.

What are your plans for the next few years?

I plan on attending Winston-Salem State University in the fall, pursuing a degree in motorsports management. On the race track, I hope to continue to drive for Rev Racing and NASCAR Drive for Diversity for the next few years and hopefully be able to jump to a manufacturer or team to further my career throughout the coming years.

How have study skills helped you achieve your goals?

Study skills have helped me learn how to not only manage my time and busy schedule, but also to work smarter and not necessarily harder.

What advice do you have for students?

Whether you have major aspirations in life or are just living in the moment, putting in work in school is important because it teaches you how to function in society, along with be able to maintain focus and succeed in the field of your choice. Remember, the material isn’t always the most important thing — sometimes it’s how you are taught it or what you do in the actual course.

Here’s Rajah’s 2019 highlight video, which includes real and simulated races.

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