Educational Consultant Jodi Siegel

Jodi Siegel, Educational Consultant, College Bound

B eyond checking lots of boxes and writing lots of essays, applying to college these days requires staying motivated and keeping calm. Jodi Siegel of College Bound excels at providing that balance. Her aplomb for organizing others around helping themselves inspires confidence in students and parents alike.

How did you get into this field?

I was working in the admissions office at George Washington University – reading freshman, transfer, and readmit applications. I had heard about the field of educational consulting, and with my background in undergraduate admissions it seemed like the next natural step.

What do you love about the work?

I love working with students, particularly high schoolers. They are about to take a big step – maybe the biggest one they’ve taken yet, and I feel lucky to be a part of the process in helping them find the college that fits them best.

Why do people hire you?

My business is probably 95% referral-based. I have never directly asked someone why they chose to work with me, but what I hear a lot is that students feel comfortable working with me because I relate to them well, and parents feel I am capable and honest.

How do you feel about study skills?

I believe they are under-utilized!

What’s your favorite piece of advice to give students?

That’s a tough question! As a consultant I am giving out advice all day long. I think my favorite piece of advice is to tell students to not approach the application process trying to figure out what a college wants, or what will “look good.” That is often impossible to know and isn’t a winning strategy. Instead, my advice centers around how students can find what are the most interesting parts of themselves and make that come through in their applications.

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