Assistive Technology in Special Education

Author Joan Green is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and the founder of Innovative Speech Therapy (

D id you know you can scan documents on your phone using Notes (iOS) or Google Drive?! Holy moly, the amount of time that knowing that five years ago would have saved me!

It’s too bad my phone can’t print, too, because nothing would make me happier than to never have to rely on my office printer again, but you can bet that the day it can, Joan Green will have already known about it and added it to the latest edition of her awesome book, Assistive Technology in Special Education: Resources to Support Literacy, Communication, and Learning Differences.

The book is basically an encyclopedia of today’s education technology: it has everything you’re looking for, plus all the stuff you didn’t know you needed, and a bunch more stuff you’ll never use but which you’ll be glad to know exists.

No matter what your circumstances are, there are a hundred ways that technology can help you. Not only has Green gone to the trouble of sifting through them all, trying them out, and using them with real clients, but she’s done it at least three times now that the book’s third edition was published in 2018.

Can you even fathom how much work that is? Joan Green probably knows more about this stuff than anyone walking the Earth. Lucky for us, she wrote it all down in this book!

Whether you’re trying to adapt to a disability like my student who used a KNFB Reader after becoming visually impaired, or never miss an explanation in difficult classes like my quadruple-major sister’s double-major ex-boyfriend who swore by his Livescribe Smartpen, or listen to a human voice read your school materials at adjustable speeds using Voice Dream Reader, Assistive Technology in Special Education will save you a ton of googling.

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