Avoid Distractions

Barry the Study Dog is so addicted to checking his back yard for squirrels that he can’t do homework in any rooms with windows in that direction.

T hink about this upcoming school year: how many hours of homework do you have per day? How many days per week? And how much on the weekends? How many total hours per week is that? Okay.

How often do you listen to music while you do homework? If you don’t have a doctor’s note that says you should listen to music while you work, then those hours don’t count as real learning.

How often do you do homework while your phone is in the same room as you? If your phone is in the room, or turned on in a different room, then those hours don’t count as real learning, either.

Avoid distractions!

Homework takes less time when you’re not InstaFacing your friends, and your friends like you more when you don’t have to quit the group chat to go do homework.

Do you want more free time? Stop trying to do two things at once!

By the way, your total number of weekly homework hours should be between 2 and 14.

If you have zero homework, consider dedicating a total of two weekend morning hours per week to reviewing the material you covered in each class that week and adding the important stuff to the study guide you use to quiz yourself before tests.

If you have more than 14 hours of homework per week, pick up the red telephone and give me a call.

When you get better grades in less time, you have more time to go do cool stuff.

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