S mith Rivas helps students learn more and earn better grades in less time by teaching study skills and time management that last a lifetime. Our study skills courses and academic coaching create independent students ready for the real world.

Our mission is to inspire students to seek more than they think is possible, teach them how to accomplish it, and help them to achieve their greatest goals.


  • Thank you for all your time with Emilie and for teaching her such important skills in a fun, engaging way. I know that, all year long, she has been implementing many, if not all, of the study skills you taught her last summer. I just wanted to reaffirm how much she got out of those sessions with you. And we've still got one more year of high school to go!

    Maria Mahoney
    Maria Mahoney Mother of Texas Christian University Founders Scholarship Recipient
  • Smith Rivas taught me the study skills and time management I needed to take my college academics to the next level, allowing me to devote maximum time and energy to becoming a professional basketball player.

    Alan Williams
    Alan Williams Center, Phoenix Suns
  • For travel volleyball coaches and parents who are serious about academics, Smith Rivas teaches the time management and study skills players need to not only become successful college student-athletes, but to thrive in the real world after graduation.

    Kathy Gregory
    Kathy Gregory 38-year NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Coach, UC Santa Barbara
  • The Smith Rivas system made it possible for me to be academically successful in college and focus on my dream of becoming a Major League Baseball player.

    Peter Maris
    Peter Maris Infielder, Tampa Bay Rays Organization
  • I highly recommend parents utilize Smith Rivas. Mr. Rivas' presentation on study skills was informative, innovative, and out-of-the-box. The expert strategies from his workshop can be instantly implemented, are practical, and make a lot of sense.

    Whitney Minnis
    Whitney Minnis Co-Founder, Capital Futbol Club, Washington DC
  • We can't begin to explain the gratitude we feel towards you. We dearly appreciate all that you have shared with us throughout these six months, as you have played a significant role in not only helping us adapt to American culture, but also in showing us how we can make the most of our college years. We are privileged to have had the opportunity to learn so much from you: from what television shows to watch to how to make the most of a study abroad trip. But most importantly, we have learnt how to fully grasp the value of college. Your words of wisdom will always be with us.

    The Veloz Fellows
    The Veloz Fellows South African International Students
  • Paul, 是一个耐心专业的资深教育顾问,多年在美国名牌大学校园从事专业的学习指导,协助国际学生成功转学、升学。他可以根据您的期望和条件,从职业规划和个人发展的角度为您量身定做留学计划和个性化服务方案,指导并帮助您选择最合适的学校和专业。Paul 提供的不仅是留学咨询,更为您设计职业和人生,帮助您走向成功的彼岸。

    Jiabao Peng
    Jiabao Peng Chinese International Student
  • Thank you very much for helping me out with fine-tuning my cover letter and résumé. In the end, I landed a job as a program advisor at a private study abroad company, Global Student Experience. Thanks for all your help transitioning into the real world!

    Blake Criswell
    Blake Criswell College Senior, now Wholesale Flights Executive Travel Consultant