Spanish Verbs and Essential Grammar Review

Professor Carmel L. Torres-Robles prepared this 47-page Spanish review booklet for Purdue University Calumet in 2003.

A good Spanish teacher is hard to find – even in California – and the pace of Spanish language classes is also painfully slow.

So, what should you do if you need further explanation or want to progress in Spanish faster than your school wants you to? You could turn to DuoLingo, which is fun and jam-packed with ways to improve your Spanish, but every time you do that you might get sucked into TikTok.

Behold the small but mighty Spanish Verbs and Essential Grammar Review, prepared by Professor Carmel L. Torres-Robles for Purdue University Calumet in 2003.

If you’ve never heard of Purdue Calumet, that might be because it merged with Purdue North Central in 2016 to become Purdue Northwest, or it might be because you’ve never hung out in northern Indiana. Anyway, when the merger happened the Purdue Calumet website home of this great little Spanish resource disappeared from the internet.

I’ve been giving my study skills students a pdf form of the book ever since I found it online years ago, but I think so highly of it that I’m hereby resurrecting it in the hope that Spanish language students the world over will appreciate that Spanish is so simple that you really can explain everything about it in 47 pages.


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