Executive Function Coach Kathy Essig

Kathryn (Kathy) Essig, M.Ed, Essig Education Group

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I f you’ve never heard of study skills before and would like to compare our services to those of another provider, or if you think you need somebody who calls herself an “executive function coach” rather than somebody who calls himself a “study skills specialist”, take a look at what Kathy Essig of Essig Education Group offers. We’re both on the board of the ADHD Resource Group of Northern Virginia, and if one of us isn’t quite what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that the other one is exactly what you need!

How did you get into this field?

I’ve been in the field for 30 years, as a special ed teacher who was part of the original move from self-contained to resource classes that differentiated ADHD students and placed them in regular education with study skills support, as an educational diagnostician, as a learning specialist developing curriculum and supporting twice-exceptional students in rigorous private schools, and as an Executive Function coach in private practice.

What do you love about the work?

I have had the opportunity to work with bright, amazing students and know that I made a difference in their academic success.

Why do people hire you?

Some people find my website but most families have learned about me from friends, schools, therapists, or doctors.

How do you feel about study skills? 

Study skills are the keys to success. Students who understand how they learn best and realize the need for good planning, organizing, time management will find their greatest success in school.

What’s your favorite piece of advice to give to students?

Believe in your abilities, advocate for what you need from teachers, but never accept help if you can do it yourself. The greatest gift you can give yourself is learned independence.

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