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SMITH RIVAS is a study skills and academic coaching company founded in 2014. We use the science of learning to help high school and college students around the country earn better grades in less time so they can go do cool stuff.

We’ve worked with students from 80 schools in the Washington DC area, and many more nationwide. We teach the smartest kids in the country, the least fortunate, and everybody in between.

SMITH RIVAS students learn how to design and manage their own success, and are now thriving at colleges as different as Caltech, Harvard, and Howard.

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  • Paul Rivas
    Paul Rivas Director

    Paul Rivas taught study skills at UC Santa Barbara and has a lifetime of experience supporting NCAA Division I student-athletes.

    Prior to discovering study skills, he helped more students earn Gilman International Scholarships for diversity in study abroad than anyone in the country, leading UCSB to a #1 national ranking for this federal award in 2011-12.

    Rivas studied literature in Mexico City, backpacked from Spain to Syria via Morocco and Wales, performed stand-up comedy in Spanish in Buenos Aires, and traveled from Argentina to the United States by bus.

    He has a BA in Mathematics, Sociology, and Spanish from UCSB, and an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from The New School. He lives in historic Kingman Park, Washington DC with his wife and dog.